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Prada Cahier Mini

The Tribune found more than 100 communities passed local laws to seize vehicles police say were used in crimes, and then charge owners hefty fees $500 or more to get the vehicles back. That on top of traditional towing fees and whatever fines may come from criminal charges.

don think it inappropriate to pass fees on to people using the program.

just go out and do what the law tells us to do, Budig said. may be because of our location. We have major roads North Avenue, Roosevelt Road, 355, 294 and Route 83. We have a lot of vehicle traffic. three of the towns tow for a variety of offenses though not necessarily the same offenses. Driving with a revoked or suspended license, drunken driving and leaving the scene of an accident are ones they have in common.

Police officials said they believe the process is fair.

is a hearing to see if (the tow) met the criteria of the ordinance, Elmhurst Police Chief Steven Neubauer said. Prada Gray Bag

Prada Cahier Mini

Officials from all three communities support the program.

an administrative hearing procedure and an administrative hearing officer who is an attorney who reviews all the documents to ensure that procedure is followed properly, Budig said.

Prada Cahier Mini

With no stated laws governing the practices, a Tribune review of larger Chicagoland suburbs found wide variation in which charges extra fees, how much they charge, what crimes draw charges and how much Prada Eyeglasses Blue And Brown

Both Lombard and Elmhurst officials said they began the program because other departments were doing it.

Lombard, Villa Park and Elmhurst all have administrative tow programs and charge a $500 fee.

Among the three, Villa Park administrative tow program is the oldest. It began in August 2007 and impounded 217 vehicles in the first year, 659 in 2008, 768 in 2009, and 409 to date this year.

Prada Cahier Mini

Elmhurst administrative tow program began in April and has towed 199 vehicles in the first few months.

noticed other police departments doing it, said Lombard Police Chief Ray Byrne. seemed to be pretty big deterrent. (Having to pay) $500 seems like a pretty big deterrent. Prada Cahier Mini Park Deputy Chief Bob Budig said the village started its program it helps us reduce the number of illegal drivers out there. and Budig said they will sometimes give drivers a chance to avoid having their vehicles towed.

Police officials in Elmhurst, Lombard and Villa Park see administrative towing programs as a way to deter crime and recover some of the costs associated with using police resources to arrest criminals.

Suburbs say the fees are needed to cover the costs of impounds in tight budget times. But critics say many towns gouge vehicle owners in a system with fewer safeguards than criminal courts to protect the innocent.

leeway police give owners to avoid the fees.

´╗┐Lombard and Villa Park have similar rules on impound fees

Prada Cahier Mini

has to be documented. It all policy. It law. It like a menu and you have to meet A, B, and C and then you can do it (tow).

Budig said Villa Park location near major roadways may be why it tallies so many tows even though it is a relatively small village.

Prada Cahier Mini

In recent years, Chicagoland suburbs have increasingly punished vehicle owners for crimes happening in their cars even if the owners themselves didn commit them.

that person has a licensed passenger, we let them drive away, or if the driver has someone who can get there within 10 minutes, we can do that, Byrne said.

Lombard program was started in July 2009. During its first year, the village has towed 611 vehicles.

Prada Cahier Mini

Prada Cahier Mini

think it worked perfectly fine, Byrne said. hard to quantify a deterrent effect. When there are substantial costs involved in getting their cars back, it gives them something to think about. recouping some police costs on the wallets of people causing the problems, Neubauer said. be making arrests and towing anyway. I Prada New Handbags 2017

Prada Cahier Mini

Prada Cahier Mini

Prada Cahier Mini

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