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In a special called meeting Monday, Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School Board trustees agreed to revise the contract that holds the district responsible for RGMI.

"They do have teachers providing services over there," Atkinson said. "If were going to be held accountable for them, then we are going to hire the teachers."

´╗┐Los Fresnos trustees informed about state

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grade levels, some would be required to take standardized tests for which they have not prepared. She added that enrollment and attendance at RGMI should also count toward LFCISDs attendance totals, qualifying the district for more state funds. For attendance to count, LFCISD has to provide more educational services.

Atkinson said the district mistakenly listed RGMI as having a regular nine month school year even though it was in operation for a full year, causing RGMI to lose some state funding.

"Our capacity is 34, we currently average around Red Prada Handbag 30 to 31 kids per month," Sanchez said. "Because we work in small numbers it allows us to establish good communication skills with them."

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Atkinson said that Prada Wallet Sling Bag

Northeast of Bayview, near the Immigration and Naturalization Service detention center, is a state sponsored facility for a different kind of resident. The facility, the Rio Grande Marine Institute, is designed to provide education and housing for juvenile offenders.

Sanchez said the institute mainly handles students from North Texas because students housed near their hometowns are considered a flight risk.

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She said that in the past RGMI has been classified as a ninth grade campus, but because many students qualify for other Prada Wallet Card Holder

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"A few of the students are actually pretty violent offenders," Atkinson said.

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LFCISD also claims that RGMI owes the district $19,400 from the 2001 2002 school year.

in the long run the district would like to get out of its contract with RGMI because it does not directly serve the area.

"I dont see really any value to the district to be part of this contract," Superintendent Sylvia Atkinson said.

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that might come up.

He added that RGMI could become a charter school, but it would be a difficult and costly transition.

The Brownsville Herald

He said he doesnt expect the employment of 28 staff members to be affected by increased district involvement.

He added that students at the school are mainly general law offenders who have been convicted of offenses such as theft, possession of controlled substances and criminal mischief.

RGMI executive director Mike Sanchez said the institute has been helping students since it was founded in 1987 and has worked closely with the school district since it moved to its current location in 1994.

Atkinson said that over the past seven years the district has had limited involvement with RGMI and has been negatively affected by the institute.

Sanchez said the center is a community based program designed to provide the students and area residents with a safe environment. He said measures are in place to deal with situations Prada Phone Bag

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