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These are main roads which lead to employment and other important opportunities at Argentia, Long Harbour and Bull Arm. Rural citizens in nearby communities located within an hour's drive from St. John's, Argentia, Long Harbour, Whitbourne and Bull Arm may as well be three hours away, because commuting over such shamefully neglected, dirt roads is too dangerous and costly to sustain.

´╗┐Losing faith in government

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Yes, Mr. Davis. I had the same impression of Mr. Collins: nicely dressed, gentleman looking, deep voice, long winded. Only thing lacking was a pair of six shooters hanging from his hips. I was happy he'd be a good member for us. After being elected he opened his mouth and nothing came out. Surprise, surprise. The same can be said of the other 6 or 7 bobbleheads whose pictures appear in the 2nd last page of The Shoreline. Worthless as a huge cost to us and a reason there's no money for our sorry roads.

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Be flexible but don't be afraid to have a opinion. Find the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Get out and exercise your right to vote.

Doesn't government have a responsibility to provide a highway system which will allow people in rural communities like mine to share in the present and future prosperity of our province?

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taking on leadership roles within municipal government and working hard in every way possible to make meaningful contributions to improve my community and my province. I have written so many letters to the news media and government over the years relative to the importance of a paved highway system for the St. Mary's district, but my words have fallen on deaf ears. Our main roads are in deplorable condition, and they have been this way for 30 years!

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Our concerns have been discussed numerous times with our MHA, Felix Collins. He is well aware of our situation and we thought he understood the importance of improving our roads and increasing our access to nearby areas of employment and economic development. We Prada Bag Picture

It saddens me to say that, after many years of believing in and supporting the democratic process in this province, I no longer have confidence in the system. I no longer have confidence in my elected government members. It has become extremely difficult, if not impossible, to support this current government.

to finishing our roads!

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Please don't forget, rural people cast their votes too. Rural people added their voices and gave their support. We believed in a democratic system and in a government that really was sensitive to our needs. We believed in a government that had some respect for rural communities. We believed in a government that said it was invested in rural development and "prosperity for all."

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We need someone to stand up for us. We need a commitment, an advocate, a strong voice for rural Newfoundland.

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Our town council resigned this year because of the difficulty in dealing with the government and Municipal Affairs. They did not offer themselves for re election. They needed, among other things, some financial assistance to upgrade and improve local roads in this community. Once again they were ignored by this government as if they never existed.

I used to think so. I am both ashamed and disappointed to see how badly our government has completely neglected the rural voters of this region. Here in St. Mary's Bay, we have some of the oldest roads in the Prada Bags Crossbody

The endless broken promises to the people of Colinet by elected members has been a sad story. We really thought Felix was the guy in the position to finally bring us into the 21st century. It's like one of the most beautiful places in our province doesn't exist. Last I heard Newfoundland was a have province. What do we have if we can't drive there to see it, or drive to our place of employment. Once again our governments lack of action on the upgrading and paving of the Colinet road system has proven that our elected members are full of promises during election time, then seem to disappear into the cloud of dust that is the Colinet road.

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Mens Prada Bag

The time has come for government to take action. Assist people from rural communities to take advantage of the present economic boom. Borrow the money required, if necessary. To date, government support for rural needs has been so very, very disappointing that one has to wonder: why vote?

had hoped that he could be an advocate for his rural citizens, but once again we hang our heads in disappointment. Already, too much valuable time has been lost! Tiny contracts, handed out every two or three years, are notthe answer Prada Eyeglasses Pr 11rv

William P. Davis writes from Mens Prada Bag Colinet.

Mens Prada Bag

province, yet we are located in the centre of the Avalon, an area of potential employment; improving these roads would open up this region for increased tourism and business opportunities. The potential benefits would be too numerous to mention here.

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