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Studies have shown that about 56 percent of Morgan County residents get their care at local hospitals, Linker said. Sometimes those hospitals do have to refer patients to larger hospitals outside the county, but there are a large number of people who receive medical care outside the county because they think bigger hospitals are better.

Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center Executive Director Barbara Bradshaw wondered whether it really makes sense to have so much expensive, redundant Black Prada Handbag equipment in both hospitals instead of different kinds of equipment for a larger range of medical care.

While patients and their families are in the other cities for care, they not only spend their health care dollars elsewhere but they often go shopping, which takes even more money out of the Morgan County economy, Linker noted.

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Linker said the council is asking people to take a countywide perspective, and is calling for residents to join the council in moving this initiative along.

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Residents can also write letters to the editor to The Fort Morgan Times and the Brush News Tribune, Linker said.

A call has gone out urging Morgan County residents to contact local hospital board members and to take other measures to get medical corporations to collaborate in making area health care better.

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of getting their health care services locally, and buying their medical supplies and medicine locally, Linker said.

Both of the corporate organizations are doing reasonably well financially and they have no incentive to change, Bradshaw said.

Healthcare Horizon Council members met at Morgan Community College and at the Morgan County Fairgrounds Thursday to ask representatives of local business, government, health care advocates and non profit agencies to put pressure on Fort Morgan Community Hospital Association Board and East Morgan County Hospital District Board of Directors members to try to work together instead of duplicating services.

Physician Alan Dahms said initial attempts at collaboration by the hospitals' boards have been unproductive, although they have met a couple of times.

In fact, the area could probably attract health care providers better if there was a united health care system, he said.

They can also show that they think their local health care is important by thanking local doctors, nurses, technicians, dentists and pharmacists for practicing in Morgan County, she said.

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Morgan County's various health care facilities are excellent, and the county also has strong resources in MCC, local foundations and the Salud Family Health Center in Fort Morgan, Bradshaw said.

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The two boards did confer during two meetings in December and February, said Suzanna Spears, president of the EMCH board.

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In addition, Banner Health which does the maintenance, repairs and expansions at EMCH announced it would build yet another hospital in the county, although no one has heard much about that since the announcement, he said.

For example, there is enough work for a full time cardiologist in the county if both hospitals were not trying to offer cardiology services, said Mike Patterson, CEO for CPMC.

´╗┐Locals asked to urge hospital cooperation

Residents essentially own the hospitals, and they can take action to influence the boards, Bradshaw said.

A lot of health care dollars go to providers outside the county. Even when the local hospitals have the ability to provide the services, people go elsewhere to get them, she said.

If the community as a whole does not support a change, nothing will happen, said MCC President Kerry Hart.

There is a "phenomenal" deal of potential if those pieces could all pull together, she said, but that is not happening yet.

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Colorado Plains Medical Center and EMCH could offer more services if they were Prada Card Holder Mens

People who do use the local medical providers feel they receive quality care, she said.

The only way for a change to happen is if county residents who own the actual hospital buildings put pressure on the boards of directors, she said.

Residents can make a point Prada Sunglasses Women 2016

not both trying to offer the same services and own the same medical equipment, various participants said.

They can do that by contacting board members of both hospitals to ask them if they are committed to exploring collaboration, making more efficient use of resources and not duplicating Prada Classic Bag

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"Everybody wonders what's happening," Dahms said.

services, she said.

During those meetings, directors explored the similarities and differences of the two hospital systems, and they do understand the value of having a united health care system for the county, she said.

Linker urged local people to take time to do something to support the initiative for more collaboration.

She said she has come to believe that it is unrealistic to expect the Banner Health and LifePoint corporations which are involved with EMCH and CPMC respectively to work together.

Making the health care system work in unison would mean better medical care, but is also an economic issue, said Kari Linker, executive director of the Morgan County Economic Development Corp.

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