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The reasons are unclear but it may be that the long stretches of cool and wet weather have prevented these ariel hunters from catching enough food. Fewer insects may be not hatching or flying due to prolonged periods of rain and cool temperatures. The peaks in insect populations may have shifted. Whatever the mechanism, starvation may be a factor.

Prada Sling Bag 2017

While our weather in the western Nova Scotia has not been as destructive as that experienced in western Canada, our spring has featured prolonged periods of cool temperatures and heavy rain. While weather is usually measured in human terms, there are always ecological impacts that may not be immediately evident.

Prada Sling Bag 2017

Prada Sling Bag 2017

In complicated processes including our geology combined with the chemical effects of acid rain and other factors, naturally occurring mercury is being released in a toxic form into Prada Iphone

Mercury levels in loons are having impacts on reproduction. As loons are long lived, it may take few years for declining reproduction rates to be recorded in the population. The serious situation is being closely monitored by researchers and volunteers associated with Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site and the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute.

Due to the placement of their legs, loons find it very difficult to walk. As a result, they build their nests very close to the edge of the water. Early indications are that due to the heavy rains and rapid rise in lake water levels, most loon nests have been flooded just when they were on the verge of hatching. While yet to be confirmed, it is likely that reproductive success for loons will be near zero this year.

to sustain themselves and their young.

It was recognized almost two decades ago that our population of common loons is the most contaminated in North America due to exceedingly high levels of mercury. The mercury is accumulating in loons because they are the top predators in most of our lakes.

Aerial insectivores, like swallows, swifts, flycatchers and related species, catch insects on the wing. Swallows first arrive in early April with nesting taking place in June. Most swallows have left their nests by early July. Throughout this period, especially during nesting time, they require huge quantities of flying insects Prada Bags Images

As with loons, reproductive success among swallows appears to be extremely low at a time when populations are in serious decline. The highlight of the spring of 2013 may be its lost generation.

Prada Sling Bag 2017

Prada Sling Bag 2017

The spring of 2013 may become known as the year of lost generations. The scientific evidence is not yet available but early evidence is worrisome. It would appear that several species of birds that are already experiencing sharp declines will produce extremely few young this year.

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Prada Sling Bag 2017

Prada Sling Bag 2017

Prada Sling Bag 2017

appear that few swallows have nested successfully this year. Most tree swallow boxes on Belleisle March and along the French Basin Trail in Annapolis Royal are vacant. A colony of cliff swallows nesting near Annapolis Royal is close to a complete failure. Barn swallows are seldom seen.

The loss of young birds in the spring is nothing new. The ups and downs of weather have always caused an annual ebb and flow in bird populations. The difference now is that the populations many species of birds have been in serious decline for two or three decades and a lost cohort only makes an already serious situation much worse. This is perhaps best illustrated by swallows and loons, two iconic species in western Nova Scotia.

our lakes and rivers. Prada Sling Bag 2017 The mercury is being taken up and concentrated in the long lived yellow perch, the preferred food of loons.

While the evidence is still scanty, it would Prada Sunglasses Classic

´╗┐Lost Generations

For a variety of reasons related to climate change, habitat loss, domestic cats, pollution and other factors, the populations of all ariel insectivores are in sharp decline. Since 1970, the population of swallows and related birds has fallen by 80 percent. The barn swallows, once an icon of rural Nova Scotia, is on the verge of being put on the endangered species list. Their cousins, tree, cliff and bank swallows are headed in the same direction.

Prada Sling Bag 2017

Prada Sling Bag 2017

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