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Some items are used for multiple costumes, like the black layered skirt that doubled as a fallen angel and a dark fairy, but different accessories and makeup create unique looks.

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necklace, red and black corset and matching wings and halo.

"I love the reaction that I get from guests when I'm dressed like a zombie with lesions all over my body and people are looking at me weird," Mitchem said. "Sometimes I forget I'm dressed up and think 'what are they looking at,' then I remember I'm a zombie."

Hampton Inn server Barbara Mitchem prepares food during her shift Thursday. Mitchem wears a different Halloween costume every day while at work throughout October.

´╗┐Longmont hotel's costumed employee keeps customers coming back

lineupRoute: Start at Memorial Building (Longs Peak and Coffman), east to Main Street, south on Main to Third Avenue, then back north on Main and west on Longs Peak.

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Prada Mens Wallet

Frequent guest Brenda Scott said she often stays at the hotel in October and always looks forward to seeing Mitchem's newest ensemble.

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At home, Mitchem has a trunk where she keeps her costumes and accessories, including homemade pieces that her mom sewed and items she finds at thrift stores.

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"I just love holidays, so I dress up for pretty much all of them," Mitchem said. "I'll wear a red, white and blue Dr. Seuss hat for the Fourth of July and those green antennas for St. Patrick's Day."

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As Halloween approaches, Mitchem is focused on deciding her "grand finale" costume. The final costume of the month is always the Prada Mens Wallet best, she said.

of my alter ego, getting to come up with these different personas," Mitchem said. "It's just a lot of fun and I get to wear things that I would otherwise never wear."

Halloween was always Mitchem's favorite holiday growing up but she also comes to work with festive attire on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and St. Patrick's Day.

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Prada Mens Wallet

and she's a burst of joy as we come staggering in for food," Scott said. "However badly things went that day, as long as you see Barbara, she's always fun and welcoming and takes you out of that moment."

Since Oct. 1, Mitchem, 30, has worn a different costume to work every Monday through Thursday as the guest service representative at the Hampton Inn, 850 S Main St., in Longmont.

On Thursday, she chatted with guests and served them snacks in a "fallen angel" costume complete with a skull Prada Beige Wallet

"Typically, everyone is here to do a job so the hotel is like home for us, Prada Tote Blue

From a traditional witch, to Pocahontas, to a zombie and a pirate, Mitchem has run the gamut of costumes but said she has plenty more ideas to keep her routine going. After several positive comments from guests that week, they approved a monthlong stint.

In the past, she has been a pirate with an eye patch and a Renaissance woman in a full length petticoat her mother made from drapes.

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Mitchem still has to follow some aspects of the dress code like avoiding excessive skin and keeping scary makeup to a minimum. There are kids staying at the hotel after all, she said.

During the past three years, Mitchem has worn at least 45 different costumes to work and never wearing the same outfit twice.

Mitchem is still debating about this year's finale but said whatever it is, it won't be a disappointment.

Scott said Mitchem's bubbly, positive personality and fun costumes set the hotel apart and are just a few of the reasons she keeps coming back.

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