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Nix of the Longmont company Nixcavating was singled out for special recognition, for a long list of projects that included restoration of the Longmont Dam Road, the emergency dredging of Longmont Reservoir and his Prada Tote Bag Black

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Prada Wallet Men Blue

won Tuesday morning by the Chicago firm of Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley Co, at an interest rate of 3.06 percent. Longmont voters gave permission in 2013 for up to $45.3 million in bonds.

"They've been busting equipment to get this done, beating schedules and not gouging us in the process," public works director Dale Rademacher agreed.

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Food drive

The feeling was echoed by other contractors.

The recognition included a buffet and a formal ceremony, honoring companies who had cleared debris, rebuilt roads, restored pipes and even done aerial surveillance.

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Prada Wallet Men Blue

Prada Wallet Men Blue

current work to Prada Wallet Men Blue remove gravel from the St. Vrain River upstream of Airport Road before spring runoff.

"On those nights when you would get home and say 'Man, how are we going to do this?' you could sleep at night because you knew it would be taken care of," said City Manager Harold Dominguez as he praised the cooperation between the contractors and the city. " Teamwork like I've never seen in my career."

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´╗┐Longmont thanks contractors for rebuild

The funding is part of an estimated $65 million to $80 million effort to make the St. Vrain able to contain a 100 year flood. With the flood bonds, the city hopes to be able to offer a stronger "local match" to attract state and federal grants.

The bid on bonds for a citywide fiber optic rollout was Prada Messenger Bag

Longmont Power and Communications expects to take bids this summer for building the high speed network in phases.

Mayor Dennis Coombs formally proclaimed the start of the 26th annual Community Food Share food drive, "Hunger Hurts the Whole Community," which runs from April 9 through April 20. The drive is sponsored by the Longmont Times Call.

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Nearly two dozen contractors that helped rebuild Longmont were awash with praise Tuesday night, as city officials led a "thank you" for their work during and after the flood.

"This is too much!" Nix laughed as he came forward.

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The recognition came on a night when Longmont was preparing for still more flood work. A resolution to put a $20.5 million bond issue on the ballot passed the City Council unanimously Tuesday; the measure will go to voters on June 24.

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"Of all the municipalities we worked in, this is the only one that did something like this for us," said Dave Brewer of BluSky Restoration.

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Money to pay back the bonds will come from stormwater fees.

Prada Wallet Men Blue

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