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Prada Diaper Bag Replica

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

The school has a total of 55 classrooms, a library fit for a higher capacity of students, a gym with a weight room inside, a band hall and a cafeteria with an auditorium for school plays.

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

McDonough said that varsity and junior varsity freshman athletes would be bused to Los Fresnos High School for practices and during their athletics classes.

"I think it's great the district wanted a freshman campus created because eighth graders can become overwhelmed walking into a huge school and might go down the wrong paths," McDonough said. "This school will keep them comfortable."

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

high school campus, such as ROTC, art, mariachi, folklorico, athletics, BCIS, Spanish and keyboarding.

´╗┐Los Fresnos opens ninth

"Certain programs are not offered at our campus, but we have the clubs to give the students an idea of what they're like," McDonough said. "For example, the criminal justice program isn't offered at our campus, but we have the Falcon Law club to see what being in Cheap Prada Bags

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

"Eventually the campus will turn into a regular high school," McDonough said. "That's what this campus was designed to be. Maybe in five or six years it will change."

that creating a freshman only campus was a positive decision for the future freshman classes.

The construction for the 142,896 square foot United began in the spring of last year and was completed in July with a total cost of $15,985,219, roughly $111 per square foot.

"We're looking at 750 students," said Principal Jimmy McDonough, "which is about the size of each of the three middle schools, Resaca Middle School, Los Cuates Middle School and Liberty Memorial Middle School (combined)."

"LFCISD Prada Diaper Bag Replica felt the high school was growing at a fast rate and the district felt the creation of a ninth grade campus would lower the numbers at the high school and give the ninth graders the individual attention they needed," McDonough said.

McDonough said Prada Crossbody Black

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

United offers many of the same basic electives as the main Prada Wallets Ladies

the class with Ms. Deborah Jo Van (criminal justice instructor) would be like."

Prada Diaper Bag Replica

"We have everything we need to start off the school year and everything on our campus is brand new," McDonough said. "We have three computer labs that every subject can use. Every classroom has 30 desks, a teacher's desk, a whiteboard and two computers, one for the teacher and one for the students to research with."

Some other electives are not offered at the campus because sophomores and upperclassmen normally take them.

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