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to customers and collectors," Main said. "This is usually the one time during the year where people get to see the gallery in person. Steiner previously did custom engraving for motorcycles throughout the world, but he has recently taken to painting and will reveal some of his first works Saturday.

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

"This is the time I like to give back Leather Prada Bag

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Main said the annual holiday party provides the opportunity to give back not only to a local charity but also to her supporters.

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Though the move to Los Angeles will be a big change for the couple, Main has plans to stay connected with her Las Vegas fans in a unique way.

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Main plans to return to Las Vegas at least four times each year and hopes to host her same annual holiday party. She also wants to open a brick and mortar retail location eventually.

"I want to be able to continue to grow and branch out," Main said. "The people who have collected my work over the years want to see me grow, too. This (auction) is a great way to get an original at a much lower price, and I'd rather have these (paintings) in people's homes than to put them in storage."

infant diapers, Main will provide guests with a coupon from Santa's stocking Prada Iphone 7 Plus Cover

"I want to have the opportunity to create new work," Main said. "I know my inspirations will change with a new environment and new exposure. I think taking on new challenges and risks will force Prada Mens Wallet Blue me to grow."

"I'd like to have a video based type gallery where I can chat with people and show videos of creating (my artwork) as it comes along," Main said. "I'm comfortable having people watch me paint. I'd like to have a weekly blog, get feedback from people and get everyone involved."

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

Main opened her own gallery in 2009 and has seen a lifelong dream come to fruition since. She hosts a holiday party open to the public in the gallery every year, selecting a different charity each time to benefit from attendees' donations.

This year, Main chose Baby's Bounty, a nonprofit organization that provides basic necessities to disadvantaged infants and young children. In exchange for a pack of Prada Mens Handbags

good for purchases on items such as T shirts, prints and her 2012 calendar in the gallery.

Saturday at her gallery, 5333 Arville St., before making the move to Los Angeles.

Longtime local artist heads for new pastures

"It's a different expression and different media from what I've done before," said Steiner, who also doubles as Main's gallery manager. "I hope to work with Jennifer and do my art on the side when we're in California."

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

No matter what happens, Main said she is prepared for a positive change.

Fans in the valley will also have the chance to keep a piece of Main with them. Because she is downsizing both her living and gallery space in California, Main will auction new and original pieces during the holiday party. She said auctioning her original paintings is one way to give back to her supporters before starting a new journey.

"It's a big risk," Main, 30, said of her move. "But I want to change things up."

Prada Mens Wallet Blue

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