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A lot of people like the Zeugmas. The local forums are buzzing with appreciation and at the International Prada Iphone 7

"This is really good but I'm never going to finish it," she says. She's unwisely ordered a side salad.

There is a lot of it and all the meats are juicy and Prada Double Bag Cameo

Prada Bags Canvas

"I've got an 'awesome' and an 'amazing' on my bit," says my wife. One is in Chinese with an English translation. They liked it.

With a couple of bottles of Prada Sunglasses Women 2017

´╗┐London Road

The others are our old friend shish kebab, in lamb and chicken versions, all served with rice and salad over sliced Turkish flat bread. Mehmet is the baker here.

Prada Bags Canvas

Most of the menu is what we remember from the original Zeugma four years ago but as it's a draughty night this time we go for the hot starters. If we had a comment card we'd been writing 'Muska Borgei fabulous.'

Kebab Institute Bekir has taken to pasting the walls with comment cards.

Prada Bags Canvas

Prada Bags Canvas

beer, a cup of Turkish tea and a dark, thick Turkish coffee, we paid 44.45. Lovely but next time we'll be well away from that draughty door.

"It takes 15 minutes," says the waitress and what arrives is a dish full of baked shredded noodles sandwiching mozzarella cheese and drizzled with honey. It's pretty rich but an excellent end to the meal.

Prada Bags Canvas

We're in the front section, near the open kitchen where the action is, behind a counter full of meat off the bone, kebabs waiting to be cooked.

It Prada Bags Canvas gets a good belly laugh from me because I've just finished a pretty good meal at Zeugma Iki. Bekir owns Zeugma, the place up the road, which opened four years ago, and has a half share in Iki, just a year old, with chef Mehmet Acikel.

Well, if you like a Ribena red drink which tastes of pickling vinegar with a spoonful of salt be my guest.

108 London Road, Sheffield. Tel: 0114 275 6666. Open all week, 12 11pm. Ethnic music. Licensed or BYE (2.95 corkage). Street parking.

tender. For me the star is a particularly good lamb chop but there is also Adana, one of the best sellers, minced lamb with peppers and chilli.

These triangular deep fried parcels of feta cheese sprinkled with parsley are delicious. I know it's a fairly common dish across the Middle East and we've eaten them before but here they are a little bit special.

My wife has found something different, halep kebab (9.95) which is a spicy minced lamb served cartwheel fashion on the plate with strips of bread covered with a tomatoey butter sauce.

It's a bit too near the draughty door.

Prada Bags Canvas

Prada Bags Canvas

"It's difficult to get the Chinese to like Turkish food. They prefer their meat on the bone," says Bekir later.

The 52 seater restaurant runs into a conservatory at the back.

Prada Bags Canvas

I decided to go after meeting an Asian taxi driver who says reading my review of the original turned him on to the delights of Salgam, which is turnip juice.

Prada Bags Canvas

Prada Bags Canvas

All the dishes are under a tenner except for one, the mixed kebab (11.95), if you want a little bit of everything. I do.

Our other starter was the Albanian version of liver and onions, little cubes of fried liver and raw red onion, served on a lettuce leaf with an appetising dressing. Both cost 3.95.

Service, from two very attractive waitresses, is friendly although they were still coming to grips with the new menu. There used to be variations between the two but that caused confusion.

We could actually stop here but we wouldn't be doing our duty. On to the sweets. We've had sutlac (rice pud), baklava and kayadif (noodles with honey) before but never kunefe (4.50)

Prada Bags Canvas

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