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Information detailing the incident is scant.

Nearly all of the documents laying out the allegations against LeBlanc and the police investigation that led to her arrest Friday are under seal. Only a single page of the complaint is public.

appeared in court Monday to face a first degree murder charge connected to the shooting of a former Litchfield man, who was also a Gulf War veteran.

More details of the case may be revealed during that hearing.

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Police allege Nicole LeBlanc, 38, of 37 Olde Country Village, Londonderry, shot Richard Mannion Jr., 43, of 31 Hollow Pink Prada Backpack Oak Road, Sandown, in the head with a pistol last month, killing him, according to court documents.

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Pink Prada Backpack

´╗┐Londonderry woman charged with first

LeBlanc's lawyer, public defender Lisa Wolford, is similarly in the dark. She told Coughlin she doesn't have access to the court file, including the affidavit laying out the Police Department's probable cause to arrest LeBlanc.

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Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley declined to offer any comment, except to say that the shooting was not random, citing the ongoing investigation.

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black hair hid most of her face from view. She was escorted in and out of the courtroom by state troopers.

Coughlin said he had found probable cause for the arrest and said he would rule quickly on motions from Wolford and Hinckley over whether the defense should have access to the affidavits.

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein withdrew his troops from Kuwait. Mannion, who formerly lived in Litchfield, was a veteran of the first Gulf War.

Monday's hearing was brief, with Judge John Coughlin entering no plea for LeBlanc on the charges and scheduling a probable cause hearing for March 6.

Several members of Mannion's family attended the hearing and filled two rows of benches behind the prosecutions table. Family members declined to comment after the hearing.

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LeBlanc appeared Monday wearing orange and red jail garb along with arm and leg shackles. She clutched arms in front of her during the hearing, and her Prada Shoulder Bags

Pink Prada Backpack

Pink Prada Backpack

He declined to say how or if Mannion and LeBlanc knew each other, whom the gun belongs to or how Mannion's body was found. He said Sandown police contacted state police after the shooting.

He was one of several local soldiers featured in two Telegraph stories in February 1991, when Prada Bags Gray

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Pink Prada Backpack

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