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to avoid a Prada Bags Price Range trial over corruption charges.

Nevertheless, he said the high turnout during early voting was a welcome surprise.

An attorney, Dominguez said he felt he could best articulate the county's needs in Austin and Washington.

Dominguez said his priority would be job creation, adding that he would personally market Cameron County to industry leaders in an effort to bring more investment to the area.

Although County Judge Carlos H.

Lopez vowed to be transparent if elected in an effort to restore trust in the office while also prioritizing infrastructure improvements throughout the county.

But Lopez said his roots in Precinct 2 would help him to be the best representative, noting again that he wants to restore the faith of residents there in democracy.

worked to capitalize on the support his team Latest Prada Handbags

"I have energy, but I don't know if our constituents have the energy," Lopez said.

garnered in March to expand his lead in the race, calling his strategy since the field was narrowed reinforcement of his previous campaign efforts.

Dominguez said his campaign has Prada Eyeglasses Mens Frames

Because no candidate received more than 50 percent of ballots cast, a runoff election is necessary to select a winner.

Lopez said he's concerned about election fatigue as he aims to erase his opponent's lead, noting that the primary in March and the Texas Southmost College and Brownsville Navigational District elections on May 10 may have sapped some of the momentum from earlier this spring.

Prada Bags Price Range

Prada Bags Price Range

Prada Bags Price Range

Prada Bags Price Range

"They want somebody that's going to take the high road," he said, adding that Hernandez's departure had left a "shadow" over the seat. "I think they want something different."

"There's not enough communication back and forth," he said. "We need to let them (the constituents) be a part of the decision making."

He said moving his office to Cameron Park from the Dancy Building in downtown Brownsville and creating a citizens advisory council would allow more people to have a larger say in county government.

Prada Bags Price Range

Prada Bags Price Range

Prada Bags Price Range

of negative campaigning.

´╗┐Lots at stake in Precinct 2 runoff

"I know that we've lost the trust of the community," he said. "I want to make it simple and transparent.".

Prada Bags Price Range

Dominguez received 36.99 percent of votes cast in the March primary while Lopez captured 29.18 percent of the vote.

Prada Bags Price Range

Precinct 2 currently has no representation on the Cameron County Commissioners' Court after Ernie L. Hernandez Jr. resigned from the post in late April

He said he thinks he has received support because he has declined to attack his opponent in the race, noting that controversy during Hernandez's time in office has likely caused Precinct 2 voters to steer clear Prada Bag Soft Leather

Prada Bags Price Range

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