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"Like my dad said, you have to watch what you spend and watch what you buy," Remy said. recession and issues across the border, the retail jewelry industry has changed in ways unfriendly to small independents, she said.

He opened a store at Sunrise Mall and another at East Seventh and Washington streets before moving to his present location at 2451 Pablo Kisel Blvd. about eight years ago.

she agreed, but insisted Lackner's is "hanging in there."

he added.

And while Lackner's younger sister, Carolyn Lackner Baird, earlier shut down her branch of the family business on Boca Chica Boulevard earlier this year, Bobby Lackner intends to stick it out until things get better.

life, does all the buying at market now, and oversees the repair department. Things have definitely slowed down, Prada Cahier Bag Belt

Robert H. "Bobby" Lackner was tending shop one Saturday a few years ago when an older gentleman walked in and asked for "Mr. Lackner." The stranger had something to show him, just outside, in his pickup. Lackner's Fine Jewelry Watch Repair with his daughter, Lisa Lackner Remy, took a peek inside the pickup's bed and was astonished at what he saw. Lackner."

Prada Bag Men

Prada Bag Men

"I arrived there to work full time the Prada Bag Men day Kennedy was killed in November of 1963," Lackner said. "I vividly recall that. I spent about 20 years there and then I struck out on my own. I've been on my own with my family ever since then."

Prada Bag Men

Being in a business that essentially sells happiness marking birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and such is a very positive and satisfying experience, Prada Handbags Multicolor

Prada Bag Men

Roughly half of Lackner's business has come from Mexico in years past. Still, he's ridden out tough times before.

Prada Bag Men

The store has its own watch repairman and jeweler, and all work is done in house, Lackner said.

"A lot of stores have closed," Remy said. "Oh yeah, it's different now. It's very different. The industry's changed, and a lot of the (jewelry) lines have gone online. It's not as easy as it used to be, but hopefully things will start picking up. I love the business. We'll see what happens."

"I remember the '80s," Lackner said. "I remember the devaluation. The first thing you do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You don't live beyond your means. You take care of things. This is what all businesses have to do. It's survivable and we're doing fairly well considering the circumstances. It's the hand that was dealt us. Lackner, a child of the Depression who took over the business in 1947 upon the death of its founder.

Prada Bag Men

Lisa Lackner Remy has been around the business her whole Prada Beige Handbag

Prada Bag Men

Fortunately, many customers still insist on holding an item in their own hands before buying it, and Lackner's still enjoys relationships with customers whose families have been shopping there for generations.

It looked old. Elizabeth St., way back in 1907.

Prada Bag Men

Prada Bag Men

"He was just a good samaritan," Lackner said. "I was just delighted to have it. Lackner's could use some good luck these days, considering the hit business has taken as a result of the sour economy and the violence in Mexico, which has prevented many of his Mexican customers from traveling to Brownsville.

Longtime Brownsville jeweler sticks to business despite challenges

Bobby Lackner was born in 1942 and first worked at the Elizabeth Street shop as a youngster in the 1950s. Back then, he said, downtown Brownsville was "the place."

Prada Bag Men

The stranger wanted to give it to him, though Lackner insisted on paying him something.

"We have very good customers that we've had over the years," Lackner said. "It's so satisfying when I have a third or a fifth generation family member come in here to talk to us about a purchase. I had a lady in here the other day who was reminiscing about my grandmother. It was so gratifying to talk to somebody like that who remembers my grandparents."

The business hasn't changed much since the early days. Lackner's still sells a combination of high end and affordable jewelry and performs repairs.

Prada Bag Men

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