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Many of the records Garver was seeking were related to town employees especially the marshal and trustees, according to a copy of the request obtained by The Fort Morgan Times.

But he pointed out that under the law, the town needed to respond to the request in the time specified in the statute.

Legally speaking, that statement was not true, due to the nature of the list of documents in the open records request, a cursory review by The Times indicated. Any documents with employees' private information on them or information excluded from the Open Records Act would need to be redacted by legal counsel to protect the town's Prada Bag Beige interests before being shown to Garver or anyone else.

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Garver also claimed that McGuire would not have to spend time doing what he said he would need to do.

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Mayor Ed Parker had attempted multiple times to call for order, but the two men kept arguing and moving toward each other, leading Parker Brown Prada Bag

The Log Lane Village Board of Trustees in a split vote decided against paying Town Marshal Fred Cook for accrued comp time.

The board then moved on to discussing some other action and things settled down for a while.

But there was more to the issue than just whether to pay Cook for the more than $12,900 he said he was due.

´╗┐Log Lane board votes down paying marshal for comp time

"Mr. Garver's opinion of what it will take is not quite right," McGuire said.

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Trustee Dee Jimenez asked Cook for even more information about that time and his activities than what had been provided to the board.

Trustee Rick Alva asked how much pay for comp time Cook was reporting he was due.

"That's the running total since I came here," Cook said.

"Every minute is accounted for," he said.

to call for their removal.

McGuire also mentioned asking Trustee Rose Condos about parts of the request, which Garver did not appreciate, saying that he had filed the request and Condos was not involved.

When the board got to the issue of paying Cook for his accrued comp time, things boiled over again.

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That was something that he had the right to do, Town Attorney Carl McGuire said, but the lawyer warned the board that responding to the request likely would involve 10 hours of work time from him, which would mean that month's bill would be much higher than usual.

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"Mr. Garver has a right to public information," McGuire said. "This is the first time I've had a request to pull information together for someone to come in and look at."

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item, which was something he said the board had "been discussing . . . for better than a month."

Jimenez pressed for more specific information about the reason for each time he was checking in.

Garver had filed a Colorado Open Records Act request seeking public documents.

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Parker started things off by announcing the next agenda Prada Clutch Bag For Men

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The marshal said he was owed $12,927.30 for 728.5 unpaid hours racked up as of May 8.

were still simmering in the minds of some of the people at the meeting.

Cook told her that he would not disclose information about "the items that are still under investigation."

That would mean McGuire would need to go through personnel files and various other paperwork that may include non public documents before the open records request could be fulfilled.

"Any person has a right to request documents under the Open Records Act," McGuire said, but added that he didn't know why Garver had requested those specific documents.

But the issues Prada Backpack Men

"There's nothing in that request that would require more than going to the file cabinet, and there it is," Garver said.

"I understand that," Jimenez said, but she added, "We have to be accountable to the people (of) Log Lane."

Discussion before the vote among the board members, town residents, Log Lane property owners and local business owners got quite heated and ultimately led to the removal of Clifford Garver by Cook and Bert Brown by Morgan County Sheriff's Dep. Brandon Wellman.

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Cook explained that every minute of his time was accounted for in the logs from the Morgan County Communications Center, which is where Cook checks in and out whenever he is on the clock for the town.

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