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At the Women's Shelter, the staff always suggests clients disable their GPS. That provides some safety.

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

It showed us some of the locations they've been in, not exact and in real time, but we could Prada Wallet Limited Edition tell generally where that phone had been traveling.

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

But, in some cases, they say it may be best to get an entirely new phone and keep that number and your passwords secret.

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

´╗┐Local Victim's Advocates Worry About Cell Phone Spyware Similar to Boyfriend Tracker

Here's what's really scary about that $15 app. It can send you hourly reports that include the cell phone users location, text message log, even what websites they've visited.

"We have donated phones that we hand out, where the service has been turned off that will still dial out 911," said Maier.

For victims of abuse, this can be very dangerous.

Although the newest app to make headlines is called Boyfriend Tracker, there's no shortage of spyware for cheating partners of either gender.

As they drove, we watched.

It's control they can gain in just minutes with your cell phone, some apps claim you can remotely install them by sending a text.

"I often wonder how many women this is happening to that they're not even aware of," Paulette Maier, Senior Counselor at the Women's Shelter of South Texas wondered when we asked her about the problem.

not the only app of it's kind. Spyware is available on every smartphone and every platform. Most claim to Prada Clutch Man

So we decided to put one of those apps to the test, using one phoen set up to be tracked by another one. We're handed it to some of our crew and just send them driving around the block, to Prada Nylon Sling Bag

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

"If this is someone that's an abuser, and they want to know where you're at who you're with, what you're doing, and they're able to log on their phone and find your location, this could be a life or death situation," said Maier.

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

"Somebody can see what your phone is seeing, listen to any conversations just because you have your cell phone on you," said Adela Garcia, Community Educator for the Women's Shelter.

Maier is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works at the shelter and she tells us, in the hands of an abuser, these apps are very dangerous.

But, that's Bag Prada Original

We should mention that app was free. We paid $15 for another app that allowed a lot more spying options. It also tells you how to hide that app, so the other person will have no idea they're being tracked.

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

help track down cheating partners.

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

see what it showed us.

Prada Wallet Limited Edition

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