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LONG BEACH The alleged leader and key shot caller for one of the city's oldest and most notorious gangs were formally charged Monday for a series of shootings over the past year, two of which resulted in murders.

Among the eight is 34 year old Lisa Sedillo of Long Beach, who also faces a charge for the Dec. 1, 1992, murder of 19 year old Long Beach resident Jason Bandel.

In addition, Bustamante is charged with shooting into an inhabited dwelling and a vehicle and being a felon in possession of gun, court documents show.

Seven were arrested Thursday and one man who was already in custody on Prada Glasses Price

She is also charged with witness intimidation for a Feb. 6 incident along with two other defendants, Ferando Valle, 37, and Jesus Ramirez, 24, both of Long Beach.

Defendants Reyes Rios Jr., 32, the alleged leader of the East Side Longos, and Ruhani Bustamante, 28, an alleged member of the ESL gang, were arrested during a series of raids carried out by Long Beach police with county, state and federal agencies last Thursday.

Sedillo was charged Monday with not only Bandel's murder but with six counts of attempted murder, one count for each alleged victim in the line of fire during the December 1992 attack.

Prada Double Tote

The charge includes a single count of firing into an inhabited dwelling and allegations that Rios personally used a gun and carried out the shooting to benefit his gang as well as being Prada Bags Singapore

´╗┐Long Beach gang members arrested in massive police take

Bustamante is being held without bail while Rios' bail was set at $500,000, according to jail records.

No charges were filed against the remaining four individuals arrested last week Delores Ruiz, 29, of Lakewood; Maria Kanlilar, 28, of Long Beach; Juan Herrera, 32, of Long Beach; and Jose Luis Cortez, 37, of Long Beach Bengston said.

Both men appeared briefly at Prada Pouch Bag

a felon in possession of a gun, court documents show.

Prada Double Tote

the Long Beach Superior Court for arraignment Monday afternoon, handcuffed and shackled to a row of inmates, many of them fellow gang members picked up in the raids.

Prada Double Tote

Bustamante was charged with a total of 11 felony counts, including two counts of Prada Double Tote murder, for the Oct. 25, 2009 killing of Esaul Villagrana, 23, and the Jan. 30 killing of Jonathan Cordova, 18, and four counts of attempted murder for various shootings from 2009 through early 2010, according to the complaint.

Gang and gun allegations are included as well as a special circumstance allegation of multiple murders. Because Bustamante has been charged with the special circumstance allegations he could face the death penalty.

A charge of possession of marijuana for sale and possession of methamphetamine was filed on Martha Arevalo, 39, of Long Beach.

Prada Double Tote

Prada Double Tote

Rios was formally charged with four felony counts, including three counts of attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill three people during a Jan. 17 shooting in the 2200 block of Pine Avenue, according to the criminal complaint filed Monday.

Sedillo was arrested years ago for Bandel's murder as a co conspirator along with convicted triggerman Francisco Moreno, 20, of Long Beach. Moreno is currently serving a life sentence but Sedillo was never charged, police said.

Both Rios and Bustamante agreed to waive time for their arraignments until early June, with Rios' arraignment set for June 1 and Bustamante returning on June 9, said Deputy District Attorney Dean Bengston.

Prada Double Tote

another matter was added to the group and charged Monday, Bengston said.

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