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That might mean, Scanlon said, more consideration for a jobs creator like the ConocoPhillips research campus and less focus on a new dry cleaner or a Starbucks.

Tengler said the city should put a lot of energy into making sure that the redevelopment of the Highway 42 corridor yields an attractive entrance into Louisville.

"I'd like to be conduit for the residents and make sure we're doing what they want us to do," she said.

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cutting move.

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Butterworth took the initiative on historic preservation by nominating her 1905 house for Prada Bags 2017 landmarking this past year. He said small town character, surrounded by ample open space, is what makes Louisville a Prada Diaper Bag

LOUISVILLE Eleven candidates vying to fill a vacant seat on the Louisville City Council sat down with their would be colleagues Wednesday night for a series of interviews that ran for more than four hours.

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But he said he's concerned there isn't sufficient tax incentive financing from the urban renewal district Prada Sunglasses For Men

"I wonder if there aren't other things that are more important than golf club maintenance," she said.

Each candidate, who got about 20 minutes to answer questions from the council, was asked about an extension of the 3/8 cent open space tax, historic preservation policies in the city, commercial versus residential development, revitalization along Highway 42 and funding to refurbish city owned Coal Creek Golf Course.

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Prada Bags 2017

He also said he would never want to see the Fourth of July fireworks show canceled in the future, like it was in 2010 as part of a budget Prada Sunglasses Female

"Or it's going to be an industrial wasteland," he said.

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The Ward I seat became open when then Councilman Bob Muckle was elected mayor on Nov.

´╗┐Louisville City Council grills 11 candidates vying for vacant seat

Tengler, president of Sonora Media Group, said funding improvements at the golf course is not as high a priority as funding other initiatives in town.

"It has to be fabulous," Menaker said.

"This is not like other places where people just go home to sleep," Baumgarten said.

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Anne Tengler

"We need to decide in which cases retail development really enhances a city and when it doesn't," he said.

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there to make big changes. That's where the community has to come together to make sure that whatever does happen there, is the best approach for the city.

special place to live.

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