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Instead, police said, she described her actions as discipline on the animals if they "refused to listen." She said she never abused them, the news release said, and she refused to answer any questions.

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During the investigation, police said, another witness who applied to work for Stewart and left less than a day after applying came forward with allegations of animal cruelty.

After difficulty grooming the elderly dog, police said Stewart stepped in and said, "Watch this. If they won't stand, this is what I do."

"Every now and then, you hear something like this that happens, and it just breaks your heart to hear someone Black Prada Wallet

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According to a news release from Slidell police, the witnesses said Stewart would frequently slam the dogs onto the grooming table and choke them with a leash.

who is supposed to be taking care of animals is doing something this horrible," Zorrilla said.

Stewart then grabbed the elderly dog and slammed him on the grooming table multiple times, and slapped another dog off the table, causing the animal to "dangle from its leash" for about 20 seconds.

The would be employee left and never returned, police said.

Police arrested 42 year old Christina Stewart on one charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Stewart, who police said is the owner of A Jazzy Dog at 3995 Pontchartrain Drive, was the focus of a joint investigation conducted by the Slidell Police Department and the city of Slidell's Animal Control Division.

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When the potential employee tried to help the dog, Stewart interjected and said she would "handle it."

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Slidell police are asking customers of Stewart who suspect their animals were victims to contact the Slidell Police Criminal Investigations Division at 985 646 4347.

lady that has been arrested beating, slapping and choking dogs."

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The would be employee told police that when she applied for the job at Stewart's business, she was asked to demonstrate her grooming skills on Prada Sunglasses Luxottica an elderly dog.

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Ana Zorrilla, head of the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said there are good groomers across the metro area, but pet owners should do their homework before leaving their animals.

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´╗┐Louisiana dog groomer abused

and slam it into the grooming table or choke the dog.

"We had some complaints for ex employees," said Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith. "They witnessed the Prada Eyeglasses Pr 11rv

Stewart was arrested Friday afternoon at her business.

Stewart denied any acts of animal cruelty.

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In other instances, police said, Stewart would grab the dog by its face Prada Bag New Collection 2017

Prada Sunglasses Luxottica

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