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Prada Bags Navy Blue

The program is only about halfway through with an original goal of reaching 120 people.

The program has had such an impact on those involved that getting new students has not been a problem. Students feel compelled to share their program successes with family and friends, Sjoberg said.

Prada Bags Navy Blue

Prada Bags Navy Blue

The classes are described as a small group, round table meeting where life issues are discussed. Students learn what it takes to fill out a job application, and how to successfully address someone perceived to be in a different social class. Some of the successes described during the graduation included the woman who met with her employer regarding a complaint a step she would have not done before the classes and another who opened a checking account, and two who are in college.

and Trina Jaurigui of Fort Morgan and Rhea Gregg and Janet Wadell of Brush.

´╗┐Locals graduate from 'Getting Ahead' class

Prada Bags Navy Blue

The program was brought together by Rural Solutions and the Morgan County Family Center.

Prada Bags Navy Blue

Prada Bags Navy Blue

Getting Ahead is a 16 week course with classes addressing who a person is, and how to uncover personal strengths. Graduates of this class included Angelo Contreras, Mary Contreraz Prada Double Bag Large

Prada Bags Navy Blue

"We carry within us 11 resources," Sjoberg said.

The program, called "Getting Ahead," is a result of the "Bridges Out of Poverty" program. The curriculum was written in 2000 01, according to Prada Nylon Bags Outlet

"They really believed in the 'Bridges Out of Poverty' and the curriculum in Prada Bags Navy Blue this area," she Prada Sunglasses Female

facilitator Mickie Sjoberg.

Participants in the program learn processes that to some people might seem basic, but are important steps to moving ahead: opening a checking account, how to communicate in a professional environment, believing in yourself.

Many of the program participants joked that they were told the class was about money management when they first enrolled. However, money was a very small part of the program. It is focused on looking beyond what a person accepts as reality, setting higher expectations for themselves.

When a person is down, socially and economically, for too long, it becomes a norm. Many people will accept what they see as reality, not seeing the potential they carry within themselves.

"It was quite visionary,"said Sjoberg. "We've already reached 85 people from the 10 county region."

Prada Bags Navy Blue

The program is funded by a State Strategic Use Funds grant from the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Prada Bags Navy Blue

During the graduation ceremony, Sjoberg said she is not a teacher, in the sense of someone who tells the class how life is; she is one who helps students discover what they can do. In exchange, she has learned a lot about herself. It is an example of learning by teaching.

Prada Bags Navy Blue

Five people graduated from a program Wednesday that helps them see beyond their living conditions.

She added that most people do not use all of the 11 resources they have available.

The classes are also about social classes, recognizing what you are in life and unlocking your potential.


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