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Long Time Courting has played Caff Lena before, but this is their first starring turn.

"It's a high energy show, and we like to think we're pretty entertaining."

This weekend, Long Time Courting, an all female Celtic band from Boston, will headline at Caff Lena with their own take on traditional and modern Celtic music.

"They can expect high powered traditional Irish music and songs with three and four part harmonies," Simmons said. "We're big on vocals older traditional sound presented in a new way. We appeal to a wider range."

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The Capital Region is a hotbed for Celtic music, and its especially welcome in Saratoga.

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Long Time Courting is especially excited to share their music with area fans for the first time.

"Caff Lena is a center for that music," Simmons said. "They have the Dance Flurry every year in Prada Cahier Mini

"We were at Caff Lena a couple years ago," Simmons said. "But we've all played the Capital Region with different projects. This will be the first feature performance for us at Caff Lena.

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Prada Nylon Crossbody Messenger

Prada Nylon Crossbody Messenger

Prada Nylon Crossbody Messenger

time in Saratoga with our debut in hand. Folks can come check us out and then take our CD home with them."

Long Time Courting singer and guitarist Liz Simmons originally hails from southern New Prada Nylon Crossbody Messenger Hampshire, where she grew up with music.

"Shannon Heaton is originally from Chicago and she is one of the best Irish flutists in the country. She's studied with all the Prada Sling Bag Small

´╗┐Long Time Courting takes Celtic for a spin

"We released an album last August that is still on the brand new side," Simmons said. "It'll be our first Prada Sunglasses Women 2016

The members of Long Time Courting met three years ago when they were all immersed in Boston's rich Irish music scene. Each member is experienced and talented, Simmons said.

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While their music fits into the Celtic genre, they are certain that any music lover will become a fan on Friday.

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"We all love and respect traditional music and folk music and knew that we wanted to do what we do best, but find a new way of presenting it to our audiences."

"I studied classical music in my teens and got inspired to play traditional music because I grew up with it," Simmons said. "I got involved with the Boston music scene, and that's where I met the other ladies."

masters and spent time in Ireland. Sarah Blair got started in traditional fiddling in the Providence area. For this particular tour, Valerie Thompson is a special guest playing the cello. She's very innovative and one of the few classical cellists who can also play folk music."

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"We do mostly traditional Irish music," Simmons said. "But we also bring some American materials to the mix. We put our own spin on the music. We play around with stuff. It's like chamber music meets Irish traditional.

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Saratoga, which attracts a lot of traditional musicians. It's a great scene for fiddle music and traditional music in general in the area."

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