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Attorney Carmen Beery at Wednesday night's regular Board of Trustees meeting at Town Hall. Beery is part of Denver law firm Murray, Dahl, Kuechenmeister, Renaud LLC, which represents the town. (Jenni Grubbs / Fort Morgan Times)

The public works director initially asked to be paid for just 80 of the accrued comp hours, but the board decided to take care of paying it all.

Kammerzell said he would do his best with this, but that he could not predict when he would get called out to deal with problems for town residents or how long it would take to deal with them.

Colorado marijuana sales.

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No one on the board spoke against Parker's direction to Beery about looking into marijuana and bringing information back to the trustees.

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Mayor Ed Parker swore in the new town attorney, Carmen Beery of Denver law firm Murray, Dahl, Kuechenmeister, Renaud LLC.

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While no decisions have been made thus far, the board is exploring the possibility of allowing establishments related to recreational and medical marijuana sales and growing in the town, according to Parker.

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She told the board she would return to Log Lane "as often as you direct me to."One of the first Prada Zip Bag

He asked Beery to gather information about what that could mean for the town and what ordinances would be needed for the town to successfully take on regulation if the board so chooses.

"I'm just very happy to be here," Beery said after being sworn in. "I look forward to working with the members of the board."

New attorney

However, Trustees Rose Condos and Dee Jimenez both noted with their "yes" votes that they expected future comp time to be controlled as much as possible.

He said that he had heard from many town residents about this idea.

"We're just in the exploratory phase of this," Parker said Wednesday night.

"If we get this going and it's as good as projected, we could pay off the water tower and rates would go back down," he said.

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LOG LANE VILLAGE The Log Lane Village Board of Trustees on Wednesday night unanimously approved paying Public Works Prada Bags Outlet Director Bert Kammerzell for about 115 hours of accrued comp time.

The board put her to work almost right away, seeking counsel Wednesday night on things like trustees' need to abstain on issues that might pose conflicts of interest and how often old issues could be revisited by the board.

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"A lot of people think it's a bad idea, but a lot think it's a good idea, too," he said. "The bottom line is the town is struggling. We need to find some way to generate revenue so we can fix the roads."

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directives given to Beery was to start looking into possible ordinances regulating retail marijuana establishments.

Log Lane Village Mayor Ed Parker swears in new Town Prada Bags 2017

He said that the biggest complaints he receives are the road conditions and the town's water rates, which went up quite a bit due to the construction of the water tower.

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He noted that part, but not all, of his comp hours built up while dealing with the flood in September, and he could get more this winter if heavy snowfalls means long hours of plowing.

The firm, as a whole, represents the town, but Beery was designated as the town's primary lawyer.

He noted that Beery had experience in this area, as her firm represents at least three other towns that have delved into allowing the medical marijuana business.

Parker then asked Beery to "start working on this."

"If we get to the point where we want to do this, we need the right information," Parker said.

Parker previously told the Times that Log Lane, a town with few retail stores and limited sales tax revenue opportunities, could benefit from economic development related to legal in Prada Backpack Green

´╗┐Log Lane votes to pay public works director's comp time

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"I'd certainly like to have the comp time watched more carefully," Condos said, pointing out that it strains the town's already tight budget.

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