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Almaguer was on track to completing his art degree next year, his mother, Maria Luisa Almaguer, said, and he was working on getting employment afterward in California.

Ever since he was little, he was born with Prada Sunglasses Aviator that talent, Maria Almaguer said. He would always draw. It was in his blood.

While in the parking lot of the club, Hernandez pointed a gun at (Almaguer), who fired his weapon at the males, striking one of them in the chest, according to a prepared statement by Houston homicide investigators Sgt. D. Crain and officer J. Sosa. Her nandez then fired his gun, striking (Almaguer) and killing him.

Montemayor said Almaguer transformed the bare walls with his athletic portrayals of lobos, the school mascot.

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Almaguer lettered in 2001 and 2002 in football, but what Montemayor remembers most are the murals Almaguer painted in the school gymnasium and weight room.

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Prada Sunglasses Aviator

The names of the other suspects were not released by the Houston Police Department. One of the unnamed suspects is currently getting treatment for the gunshot wound inflicted by Almaguer at St. Josephs Hospital in downtown Houston, Yochum said.

With his scholarship that included room and board, Almaguer didnt need the work as a Club Fiesta security guard, but his mother said he loved that job. Monday, Almaguer was tasked with searching people coming in for weapons, said Houston homicide investiga tor Phil Yochum, who responded to the initial call to the club at 8449 Winkler in Houston.

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Jr.; sister Crystal Hope Almaguer; paternal grandparents Macario and Celia Almaguer; maternal grandmother Maria Luisa Muiz; and his girlfriend of four years, Dequiesha Dicks.

Almaguer is survived by his parents, Minadab Apolonio Almaguer, who plays keyboard for the band, Costa Azul, and Maria Luisa Muiz Almaguer, who is a housekeeper and occasional clown; brothers Macario Almaguer and Minadab Apolonio Tito Almaguer New Prada Handbags

The group fled in two cars. Police caught up to both cars and four suspects, including Hernandez, who was charged with murder and is being held without bond, Yochum said. Two others were not caught.

She called his cell phone, and an employee at the Houston morgue answered, relating his fate to her.

in the gyms at Hanna High School and Vela Middle School and the baseball field at Porter High School, his mother said.

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The Lopez High School graduate, who had a full scholarship with the Art Institute of Houston, once told his mother he was going to be a famous animator.

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While he enjoyed his work as a security guard, Almaguers real passion Prada Sunglasses Green

Yochum said a dispute followed that escalated and snowballed from that point.

´╗┐Lopez graduate was aspiring animator

Valentin Montemayor, head football coach at Lopez High School, remembered Almaguer as a tough football player who fought through several injuries.

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Prada Sunglasses Aviator

Its unfortunate what happened, Montemayor said. But, we have a living memory of him here, and well always remember that.

was for art.

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He painted murals throughout Brownsville for businesses. He even designed the run through banner for the football team, not only at Lopez, but also at Hanna, Porter, Pace and Rivera, Maria Almaguer said.

Early Monday morning, however, Almaguer was killed following a dispute while working at his part time security guard job at a Southeast Houston nightclub, according to the Houston Police Department.

One person, 21 year old Juan Hernandez, who was with five others, didnt want to be searched, Yochum said, and the group was turned away by Almaguer.

Prada Sunglasses Aviator

Almaguer, who played four years as a center on the Lopez High School football team, painted the large image of a wolf playing basketball in the Lopez gym. He also painted figures in the schools weight room and at Men Prada Wallet

Prada Sunglasses Aviator

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