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Shaenee, 6, and Siena, 4, were in wheelchairs this week with broken legs from the crash, and Rian, 2, had a shattered left elbow and a broken right leg, relatives said. Vanessa Dunne suffered a badly Prada Glasses Frames Men

The cause of the crash remained under investigation this week. The CHP spokesman, Officer Steve Reid, said there's no suspicion of driving under the influence.

broken arm, a concussion and severe burns on her legs.

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Prada Baroque Sunglasses

Prada Baroque Sunglasses

The Marriott gave the Dunnes' relatives a big discount, a Ventura Chipotle restaurant donated dinner for 19, and a local optometrist gave Vanessa Dunne contacts to replace the ones she lost in the crash, Hamilton said.

Just before the crash, they decided to start a children's art studio and move into a studio behind the commercial space they were going to rent. They began moving out of their rented home, traveled to see a similar business in Woodland Hills, and spent the weekend with Vanessa's sister in Simi Valley, Hamilton said. May 26 when their car drifted onto the right shoulder of Highway 101 and crashed into the back of a big rig that had pulled over because of mechanical problems, according to the California Highway Patrol. The collision wedged the family's car under the truck's trailer and Christopher and Vanessa were trapped inside. The truck driver and an off duty Prada Grey Wallet

But as the family began its long road to recovery, they Wallet Prada Mens

Prada Baroque Sunglasses

While the family still faces significant physical and financial challenges stemming from the devastating crash, relatives said the extra help has been "essential."

It took firefighters nearly 90 minutes to free the couple from the wreckage.

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Their car slammed into the back of a parked big rig north of Ventura, leaving Christopher Dunne critically injured; his wife, Vanessa, and three children with broken bones; and their future uncertain.

Assistance came from churches, acquaintances, local businesses, and people the Dunnes knew from homeschooling their children and working to fight homelessness in Sacramento, relatives said.

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"We really can't imagine how hard it would be without this support," said Dawn Hamilton, one of Vanessa Dunne's siblings.

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Doctors expect he'll need at least three months of aggressive physical therapy, but much about his prognosis is unclear. While he has been improving and responding to relatives visually, he hasn't been able to move the right side of his body or talk, relatives said.

After the crash, many of the Dunnes' relatives rushed to the hospital from as Prada Baroque Sunglasses far away as Oklahoma. Almost as quickly, help began pouring in from friends and others they didn't even know.

Prada Baroque Sunglasses

In addition to about 20 fractures throughout his body, Christopher Dunne has swelling and bleeding in his brain, relatives said. Initially in a medically induced coma, he is in stable condition this week but was expected to remain in intensive care for at least two weeks.

got an unexpected lift: Friends and strangers from Simi Valley to Sacramento stepped in to help the family with everything from moving out of their home to paying for lodging near Ventura County Medical Center, where Christopher Dunne remains in intensive care, relatives said.

´╗┐Los Osos family gets unexpected help from many strangers after Rincon crash

Six months before the May 26 crash on Highway 101 north near Mussel Shoals, Christopher Dunne, 38, was laid off from his job making maps for utility companies. The couple then moved with their children from Sacramento to Los Osos near San Luis Obispo, where Vanessa, 29, got a part time job teaching microbiology at Cuesta College, Hamilton said.

A small group of friends in Los Osos gathered dozens of others and moved the family's possessions out of their home and into a storage unit. Others donated wheelchairs or diapers. One former client of Vanessa Dunne's brother is letting the Dunnes' relatives stay for a few days in one of his homes and paying for their stay at a hotel while Christopher Dunne is in intensive care, Hamilton said.

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firefighter pulled the three children from the back.

Vanessa Dunne doesn't remember anything about the accident, she said.

Prada Baroque Sunglasses

Prada Baroque Sunglasses

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