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Jamie Stein, chairman of development for Legacy Playground, said the group looks forward to sharing its research at Monday's meeting.

Like Greeley Park, the Sargents Avenue Playground has had little or no change since 1999, when Nashua launched a citywide playground improvement project. The area is within walking distance of five schools, but the park located near Holman Stadium, Centennial Pool and the Artillery Lane athletic fields is also in a busier location than Greeley.

Members of the Leadership Greater Nashua 2012 class are also strongly in favor of Greeley Park. They have already solicited more than half of the donations they need to hit their $250,000 goal and are eager to get started.

"One of our greatest challenges in bringing Legacy Playground to Nashua has been the misinformation surrounding Hottest Prada Luggage & Travel

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However, BPW Commissioner Tracy Pappas and some members of the public have encouraged the city to look elsewhere.

While many are pushing for Greeley Park to host the playground, sharp divisions have emerged about whether Greeley is suitable for any further development.

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Parks and Recreation Superintendent Nick Caggiano previously said preparing the grounds at Labine Park would cost about $9,000, while installing Legacy Playground at Greeley Park likely would cost about half that much.

"This would give the city an anchor playground in the north end," Caggiano wrote in a November 2012 memo. "The current playground does not do Greeley Park justice."

Middle School, near a city parking lot. It offers three tennis courts and a volleyball court, all of which are in rough shape.

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our project," Stein wrote in an email last week. "Monday's special meeting of the Board of Public Works will be a great opportunity for us to clear up any misconceptions about the Legacy Playground project."

The Board of Public Works voted in March to recommend building the playground in Greeley Park. Among other benefits, Greeley has less commotion than many other city parks, making it more suitable for children with conditions on the autism spectrum.

Caggiano picked Greeley as his preferred spot for a universally accessible playground last year. He noted it's the most visited park in the city, parking is available, and the site is near utilities and north end schools.

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debate over where to build a universally accessible playground in Nashua is set to resume Monday evening at a special meeting of the Board of Public Works.

The Board of Public Works is still reviewing the playground options, which include Labine Park on Cleveland Street and the green space along Sargents Avenue.

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"We don't have a lot of open space," Pappas said recently. "We've carved up too much of this park, and this is very precious open space."

´╗┐Location of universal playground in Nashua to be considered Monday

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The Legacy Playground project is being spearheaded by 2012 graduates of the Leadership Greater Nashua program. They hoped to open Legacy Playground Prada Purse Blue somewhere in Nashua this year, but consensus hasn't been reached on where it should be located.

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The project, known as Legacy Playground, would be designed to accommodate users of all ages and mobility levels, including children with disabilities. The design features rubber parts that would make it easier to travel through the environment and some special equipment, such as swings with back supports. Census Bureau. Roby Park is currently the only handicapped accessible playground in the city, although the Nashua River Rail Trail is also wheelchair accessible.

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