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foosball, also the parents."

Bromiley, 73, has been practicing medicine in Brownsville since moving here in 1973. Back then, there was only one hospital and she became one of three pediatricians in the city. Bromily started the Brownsville Pediatric Association several years later as a joint venture with her husband Arthur Granger Bromiley, a trained microbiologist who later became an emeritus member of the American Society of Microbiology.

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While Bromiley has served the Brownsville community with pride, she also has worked in other parts of the world. Shortly after finishing medical Prada Mens Backpack

When Bromiley started her pediatric practice with her husband in 1980, she had the phone installed with five lines, which later came in handy when the office added a computer and fax system. Now, as she prepares to retire, the phone is the last thing on her mind.

"When I'm at work I'm always thinking about my patients and I'm kind of out of myself," Bromiley Prada Eyeglasses Pr 16tv

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"We made the effort to have a really nice office," Bromiley said. "You'll see all those little cars and the kids speeding across the terrazzo floor and it's like NASCAR around here and the Prada Wallet Zip teenagers are playing the Prada Nylon Bag Collection

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For Bromiley, retirement means more time to exercise and focus on her family and her health. She said she plans to sell her medical clinic, a place that has generated memories for many of her long time patients.

"It was like walking through a textbook of medicine," Bromiley said. "I saw people that had smallpox, cholera, diphtheria, abdominal tuberculosis, Vitamin A deficiencies of the eye."

What followed was an eight year stay in the African countries of Kenya and Tanzania, places that she said were beautiful but had areas with high infant mortality and few pediatricians.

For 33 years, Bromiley and her husband worked diligently to serve the community, filling their clinic with toys and books for both children and adults.

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Garza is the office manager at Bromiley's clinic and has always brought her children there. Her four children and five grandchildren have been coming to Bromiley since 1973, shortly after Garza's first son, Gino, was born. As Bromiley's April 19 retirement date draws nears, Garza and others in the community are sad to see her go.

For Solie Garza, saying goodbye to Dr. Bromiley definitely won't be easy.

Longtime Brownsville pediatrician retiring after 33 years

Bromiley said it was during her stay in Africa that she met her husband and became pregnant with her first child. While she returned to the United States and made Brownsville her home, she has fond memories of her time in Africa and her travels around the world.

"Each country is the same size as Texas geographically. They each had about the same population and they never had more than three pediatricians for the whole country," Bromiley said. "When I was in Mombasa, (Kenya) I was the only one within 500 miles."

"I entrusted my kids to her and my grandkids," Garza said. "She's very good and I can tell you that everybody that has come here and stayed with her, most of them have had their kids and now their grandkids that come here."

"Every body that has heard has called and said 'What are we going to do without her?' There's nobody like her," Garza said. "It's going to be a hard breakup."

said. "I've practiced 50 years and it's time for me to (retire). I've done my share."

"I did the pediatrics and he set up the medical lab," Bromiley said. "He was wonderful in that he could smell it and tell you what it was. He used to examine spinal fluid and obviously urine and blood."

school, Bromiley visited hospitals in India, witnessing firsthand the need for qualified physicians in underdeveloped areas.

Born in Chicago and raised in Louisiana, Bromiley's profession is a far cry from her original aspiration of working for Walt Disney. She attended Vanderbilt University, Stanford and the University of Tennessee Medical School and went on to practice medicine around the world. At times, she worked 100 hours a week, yet she still managed to connect with her patients.

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