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the mayor of London.

City manager Joe Pennachetti downplayed criticism that the money is coming out of the budget of the Toronto Environment Office and not the mayor's budget, contending that he recommended it be done that way because it is "environomentally related."

He added that the City of London and the Clinton Climate Change Initiative also fund the secretariat but couldn't say what amounts they give.

at a C40 function, he is "promoting the city" (as opposed to his own profile.)

According to the budget documents, the 40 cities that are part of the group are "committed to tackling climate change" and working together "to share best practices on reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Finance officials confirmed that the amount Prada Diaper Bag Review contained in this year's $8.7 billion operating budget will go towards staffing a secretariat for the C40 cities, located in the office of Prada Eyeglasses For Men

"It's bullocks," he said, noting that the budget committee is completely out of touch for approving the expenditure. "We're entering a deep economic recession where we have to make sacrifices and this is a non priority."

Prada Diaper Bag Review

Prada Diaper Bag Review

The mayor's spokesman, Stuart Green, said as chairman of the C40 cities, his boss Mayor David Miller has "certain obligations" to support the office.

Asked whether the mayor can justify supporting such an initiative during these tough times, especially while handing citizens a 4% tax hike, he said "absolutely" because the city should advance the cause of "improving global climate change.

Prada Diaper Bag Review

Prada Diaper Bag Review

But Councillor Denzil Minnan Wong said excusing this expenditure as being "part of the mayor's agenda" is an "unacceptable answer" in these recessionary times.

Prada Diaper Bag Review

Prada Diaper Bag Review

´╗┐London calling costs us

Prada Diaper Bag Review

year to prop up a climate change group based in London, England, the city's budget committee heard yesterday.

"Frankly it's a very lean operation," Green added, while not able to specify the number of staff or the secretariat's total budget.

"It does speak to Toronto's position around the world as a leader on environmental issues," he said.

The city gave a further $70,000 towards the staff and the upkeep of the London office last year shortly after the mayor was asked to head the group in early May, Green confirmed.

Prada Diaper Bag Review

Prada Diaper Bag Review

Beleaguered Toronto taxpayers are being asked to fork out $140,000 this Prada Glasses Women

Prada Diaper Bag Review

Green insisted the City of Toronto is "being recognized" as the leader on environmental initiatives and every time the mayor is present Prada Bags Pink

Prada Diaper Bag Review

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