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"Ian McKellen made a wonderful speech about how actors are a tribe of people as well, who don't recognise colour, creed or religion. They're just thrown together.

While she admits her own two are still "more CBeebies", she thinks Postcode will appeal to children over eight, and will definitely let hers see it when they're old enough.

In June, she starred alongside Jason Isaacs as Detective Constable Louise Munroe in an adaptation Cosmetic Pouch Prada

"I liked it because it wasn't dumbing down for kids, it was actually telling them things they need to be told. I think it's something that's lacking on television at the moment," she says.

Luckily, Abbington's parents live near her in Hertfordshire so they babysit if both actors are busy.

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Prada Eyeglasses Red

"These heart breaking stories about people seeking asylum are relevant in today's society more than ever before," she says.

She'll be shooting another series in the New Year, but before then is back on TV in hard hitting CBBC drama Postcode, which shines a light on immigration.

SIR Ian McKellen has just finished delivering a speech at the foot of a mountain in New Zealand, and actress Amanda Abbington is still a little bit starry eyed.

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of Kate Atkinson's Case Histories, which was filmed in Edinburgh.

"But when he goes back out in February, I'll have to rely on mum and dad. It's fine because my children are quite cool with that. They've learnt from a young age that both their parents are actors. They're little travelling nomads really and go wherever mum and dad go."

"I think he's one of our standout actors and he's a good friend as well, so it really was joyful," she adds.

"He's delightful and we have a lovely chemistry. We're both very family oriented and bonded over talking about our spouses and children a lot."

Playing a lawyer whose son befriends a Somali boy and his family threatened by deportation, she relished the opportunity to explore serious issues for children.

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The actress met Sherlock star Freeman on the set of Channel 4 film Men Only in 2000 and it was love at first sight.

"I was sitting in the make up bus thinking 'I really need a boyfriend' and said to the make up artist, 'I want a nice boy, I feel like I haven't met anyone for ages'.

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Prada Eyeglasses Red

aware that when the first part of the highly anticipated prequel to The Lord Of The Rings trilogy is released next year, it's going to throw a huge Prada Leather Bag

"I think that's inevitable, he's got to be prepared for that, and we'll be there supporting him, making sure he doesn't fly off," she says.

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"That's what it's like over here. You've got loads of people from all over the world coming in and it's like a lovely family. We came back a few weeks ago and it's just like coming home."

Isaacs is in LA filming a TV series for HBO, but when he returns, the Case Histories team will be back in Edinburgh to make the second series.

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"It was sacred ground, so before they could start filming we had this thing called a 'powhiri' where the Maoris accept you into their family," she says.

"He got on the bus and there was a thunderbolt. I looked at him Prada Eyeglasses Red and thought, 'You're nice' and apparently he thought the same. He asked me out on a date and two months later I moved in with him. It was sort of serendipitous and we've been together ever since."

Postcode also gave her the opportunity to work with her Married, Single, Other co star Shaun Dooley again. He plays her husband who's being investigated by the tax office.

"He's a bit of a heart throb and I kept getting texts saying, 'Are you going to kiss him, do you kiss, are you kissing him?' I think the way we left it in the last episode, there is that capacity that maybe we could do," she says, laughing.

Together with the distinguished cast of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, she was watching as Sir Ian took part in a ceremony to welcome the movie cast and crew onto native Maori soil.

"She said this guy had just been moaning about not having a girlfriend and she'd introduce us.

´╗┐looking after the kids and starring with a heart

Abbington admits that while filming the first series of Case Histories she was plagued with text messages from friends wanting to know if she and Isaacs, who plays private investigator Jackson Brodie, were going to kiss.

But far from being in Freeman's shadow, Abbington the star of Married, Single, Other has plenty of acting roles to keep her busy.

"When Martin's working, I generally try not to work, so I'm not doing anything for the rest of the year so he can finish up in New Zealand," she says.

"There is so much turmoil going on in the world and young kids are being brutally treated. It's good this kind of thing is being flagged up, and young people know what really goes on."

spotlight on her partner of 11 years, who came to the nation's attention as Tim in The Office, but says they're ready as a family to cope.

Abbington, 37, has taken her two young children, Joe and Grace, to the other side of the world to watch their dad, actor Martin Freeman, take on the biggest role of his life to date as the lead hobbit Bilbo Baggins. The cast includes his Sherlock co star Benedict Cumberbatch, Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett.

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