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´╗┐LOLing for health at Harper

themselves to get the health benefits, she said.

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In the second installment, Urbano and others actually learned laughing exercises from life coach and Harper instructor Cheryl O'Donoghue.

O'Donoghue explained laughter reduces stress, lowers blood Prada Crossbody 2017 pressure, promotes immune system functioning, aids digestion, among other physical and emotional benefits. Experts recommend 10 to 15 minutes of continuous laughter every day to maximize the potential benefits, she said.

Most in the class said after completing several different "simulated laughing" techniques, they felt better.

"I think a lot of things are funny, but I tend to laugh on the inside," said Stephanie Burak, who works at Harper and took the class. She said she'll now laugh out loud more.

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younger, we used to laugh," she said. As people get older, they forget to laugh, or they laugh to themselves.

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funeral home where he used to work, to telling jokes to his family.

For those who think it's unrealistic to laugh continuously for 10 minutes or more, O'Donoghue recommends just trying to continue laughing while watching a comedy, or if someone tells a joke.

"Simulated laughter can create real benefits," she said. "Your brain doesn't know the difference. Even if it's a fake laugh, you will be bringing about these health benefits."

Urbano said he's always enjoyed humor from bringing in The Far Side cartoons into the Prada Wallet Chain

And, people don't realize they don't need to wait for someone else to make them laugh, they can just do it Prada Sling Bag Pink

Prada Crossbody 2017

From Humor to Health: Comedy and Healthy Living was a two part continuing education class at Harper College in Palatine. The first of the two classes featured a comedian, explaining how to bring humor into everyday life.

Prada Crossbody 2017

"We're living in stressful times right now," said Scott Cashman, the continuing education manager at Harper who developed the laughing classes. "If we can get people to understand how health can occur (from laughter) for anybody, regardless of economic means, it's a positive for all of us."

Prada Crossbody 2017

Prada Crossbody 2017

Prada Crossbody 2017

"When we were Prada Glasses Sunglasses

Prada Crossbody 2017

Prada Crossbody 2017

Students yelled, "Ho Ho Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha!" as they participated in several different laughing exercises after hearing the benefits laughter can have on physical and mental health. In one exercise, O asked students to laugh as though they just heard the funniest joke ever. In another, they pretended they started laughing, but others laughter makes it grow stronger.

Prada Crossbody 2017

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