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But Judge Henry, who criticised Hemy's "terrible record", said that it was "difficult to accept"

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shop assistant, he said that she was a "lady whose job it was to simply serve the public, who has suffered considerably".

He said: "You were taking an active and physical part in this robbery despite your young age.

CCTV footage then clearly shows the teenager holding the knife up against the shop assistant in a threatening manner which the court was later told has had a huge, ongoing, impact on her life, causing her to suffer from panic attacks and chest pains.

Defending Hemy, Francis Abbott told the court that his client had endured a difficult background, not knowing who his dad was and never having a proper relationship with his mother, being brought up by his grandmother and great grandmother.

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When he was told it could not be accessed as it was in the Post Office part of the store, a struggle ensued between the manager and Prada Etiquette Bag Review

This led to Pumford said to have been "in a rage" leaping over the counter and ripping the till from the counter.

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Shortly after, he saw her at the door of a nearby property where she was ushering someone inside and he realised she was involved, helping to deter police from catching those responsible.

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years after admitting a series of terrifying raids, including this one on April 7, this year.

He added that the impact of this crime had been devastating for the victims involved, with the manager now "more anxious and distrustful" than ever before.

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Prada Double Bag White

The drama was heard by neighbours who heard banging and screaming and demands to "open the safe".

He sentenced Hemy to threeand a half years for the robbery count and two years to run concurrently for the count relating to carrying the knife.

"You participated in this robbery in an enthusiastic manner."

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Speaking about the effect on the Prada Bags Prices 2016

Brandishing a large knife, the teenager, of Keynsham Road, burst into the shop, with ringleader Sid Pumford, as a female shop assistant in her 60s and her manager were opening up and preparing newspapers for delivery.

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Pumford and the gang fled with 150 but were chased by the courageous store manager who then encountered Pumford's girlfriend Charlotte Brown, 18, acting as a look out outside the store.

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The court heard how Hemy, whose 17 year old girlfriend is heavily pregnant, was part of a hooded gang who raided Newsmarket, in Thornhill Park Road, using scarves to disguise their Prada Double Bag White faces.

Hemy, which saw them both fall to the ground, causing Hemy's mobile phone to fall out of his pocket evidence which later placed him at the scene.

Although he pleaded not guilty, which led to a trial that saw a jury convict him, Mr Abbott said that Hemy now admits his part in the robbery and is "remorseful".

that his remorse was now entirely genuine and while he accepted that he was under the influence of Pumford, Hemy was "not coerced" to take part.

Pumford, 31, who was wielding a meat cleaver, is now serving a sentence of 19 Prada Bags With Prices

locked up for knife attack after committing first crime aged 10 From Daily Echo

"Although you were led, you did take a significant role in what happened.

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