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Dionne started her company, Desiderio Chocolates, in 2008.

Prada Fairy Bag

Prada Fairy Bag

Hospitable indeed for Moley, who came here not for the mountain air, but to be with a woman he cared about. He likes to point out that he created the category his chocolate bars, and now many others, occupy. to start the premium chocolate bar niche," he says. "In 1995, (when the company was founded), nobody was making and selling a premium Prada Fairy Bag chocolate bar. Nobody was labeling cocoa contents, it was brand new."

"The more I studied, the more I discovered about chocolate," she says. "I got a little bit addicted. Dark chocolate . the flavor and the way I can manipulate it to make chocolate. I can use my artistry and my passion for baking and pastry and combine it. It's my perfect medium," she says.

Prada Fairy Bag

"We sell stuff we like to eat raspberry truffles, mint, coffee," Levine says. One of his favorites is an enrobed candied lemon.

"When you look at chocolate in Europe, the Swiss are famous for chocolate. The moutain air is dry," he says, much like Colorado's. "The climate tends to be cooler than Texas, for example. There's a cool climate at least part of the year and the cool nights. It makes a hospitable climate for chocolate manufacturing."

´╗┐Locals have plenty of good stuff to choose from

Prada Fairy Bag

Prada Fairy Bag

"At that point the chocolate market was pretty flat, but luxury, high end organic chocolate was doubling every year," Levine says.

In a couple of her chocolates, she uses brews from Left Hand Brewing Co. Dionne works out of the Glacier Ice Cream store in Longmont, and her chocolates are available there and at Cheese Importers in Longmont.


Vanessa Metalli Dionne grew up near Rome working in her parents' restaurant, baking and making pastry. But it wasn't until she moved the United States in 2003 that she became interested in chocolate.

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They started their business, Seth Ellis Chocolatier, with an emphasis on organic and fair trade, and also nut and gluten free.

Prada Fairy Bag

"I'm not supposed to like milk chocolate," he says of the sophisticate trend toward dark chocolate. "But I'm a chocolatier, I like milk chocolate. If I don't like to eat it, I don't like to sell it."

Last month. Moley bought a new building Prada Backpack Robot

Timothy Moley, owner of Chocolove and Boulder's Prada Wallet Envelope

Rick Levine had worked as a baker 30 years ago in Philadelphia during college. But he found he couldn't make a living that way. He went into high tech, but began to spend some serious time in the kitchen with his kids 10 years ago.

first fine chocolatier, has a couple of theories.

Prada Fairy Bag

that more than doubles the size of his manufacturing operation. Currently Chocolove makes 17 different chocolate bars and sells its products in 7,000 stores nationwide.

Prada Fairy Bag

"I make molded chocolates. I like to paintbrush them," she says. "I use ganache filling with fresh cream, local and organic as much as possible, butter, organic nuts and organic fruit purees."

About five years ago, he and his brother, Neil, who also lives in Boulder, and a friend, David Lurie, began looking for an idea to start a business about five years Prada Pink Handbag

"We dabbled in candy, fudges, hard chocolate," he says.

"We take a lemon wedge and candy it for two weeks using a European method," he says. The lemon is then covered in deep chocolate. Levine also likes the company's nutmeg infused caramels.

Prada Fairy Bag

Prada Fairy Bag

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