Prada Handbag Brown

Prada Handbag Brown

another country like these girls, the message a smile or laughter sends is universal.

"It sort of makes you more comfortable with who you are," Laughter Yoga instructor Bernie Cortsen said. "What we do in here stays in here. We feel happier."

Prada Handbag Brown

Cortsen isn't just teaching off of purely good feelings.

´╗┐Local Woman Teaches Laughter Yoga

Corsten said laughter is good for us, and that it triggers endorphin release Prada Sunglasses Men Blue

She said it only takes 10 minutes of laughter to make you feel better.

to combat stressful times, others are trying it for the first time.

Prada Handbag Brown

Prada Handbag Brown

While some people use it regularly Latest Prada Bags 2017

"If you laugh to life, life will laugh back," Isoqoea said. "If you are happy, you feel good."

Laughter yoga was created by an Indian physician in 1995, it combines sustained laughter with elements of yogic breathing.

Prada Handbag Brown

Prada Handbag Brown

Both the girls said back home life is more serious, and that laughter yoga is different , but leaves them feeling good.

Isoquoea and Turkmenistan Exchange student Tatyana Malyhina are in United States for an exchange student program studying at tech schools in town.

"It's a new experience," Shahzoda Isoqoea, an exchange student from TAJIKISTAN said. "I liked it."

No matter where you practice laughter yoga, either across the world or here in Wausau, or even if you're from Prada Handbag Canvas

Prada Handbag Brown

in a body that makes a human feel happier.

"I learn to smile the more in the US," Malyhina said. "This is one thing that will be with me my whole life."

Prada Handbag Brown

"That's the beauty of it, we don't know," Cortsen said. "It doesn't matter what we're laughing at, but we don't know why we're laughing."

Prada Handbag Brown

Cortsen leads the group every week after she became certified in Prada Handbag Brown laughter yoga when taking a workshop at the UW Stevens Point Wellness Center.

Prada Handbag Brown

"It acts like a pain killer," Cortsen said. "People may come in with a pain and go out with no pain. I think that's powerful."

Prada Handbag Brown

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